Date:      September 9th, 2019, Monday

Duration:  10:00 am -12:00 noon, around 2 hours

Event:   Learning to make the Lord Rabbit; experince traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn culture;

Location:  老北京兔爷商店,No.19 Yang Mei Zhu Xie Jie, Qian Men, Xicheng Dist., Beijing

The traditional Chinese festival- Mid-Autumn Day is falling on 4th October. You may know that Chinese eat Moon cake on Mid-Autumn day, but here is another tradition and it is inviting one ‘ Beijing Lord Rabbit’ to home. It is a rabbit figure made of clay. Therefore, we invite all of you to go to one of the famous artist and teach every one make ‘Lord Rabbit’. By tradition, the load rabbit would bless you keep healthy.

Beijing Lord Rabbit is the Han Dynasty Chinese traditional handicrafts and it belongs to the Mid-Autumn festival as children’s toys. Now Lord Rabbit has become one of the most representative Beijing non-material cultural heritage

Legend 传说

In ancient times, there was a strange plague in old Beijing city, almost everyone in a family got a serious illness, once sick, no medicine could cure, doctors were helpless. At that time the city people died countlessly, everywhere was a sad sight.When the goddess of the moon in the moon palace saw the scene, she was very sad and sent the Jade Hare which made medicine in the moon palace to rescue the people. Have got the order from the goddess of the moon, Jade Hare turned into a doctor with white clothes, holding a mortar and pestle medicine and coming to the folk.People didn’t know the origin of Jade Hare and tabooed it with white clothes. Everyone was not willing to open the door for him. Smart Jade Hare came to the temple to borrow clothes of the gods in armor to wear, people felt he was like the gods from the moon, they opened the door to meet him soon.He visited people from door-to-door and quickly cured them.In order to end their sufferings as soon as possible, the tigers, elephants, sika deers, kirins on the ground and all kinds of animals in the sky came to help him, carrying him day and night. With the help of these animals, He eliminated the plague quickly inside and outside the city. In the end he went back to the moon palace.Beijing people were grateful for his kindness and invited skillful craftsmen to shape his appearance with clay sculpture, they colored drawing or pattern as moon sacrifice and placed in front of the hall, people called it “Lord rabbit”. At the feast or the wedding day people put some fresh fruits, vegetables and various corns to sacrifice him. In people’s heart, Lord Rabbit will bless good luck for the whole family and the guardian of peace and happiness.Lord rabbits are the official mascots of Beijing and the guardian of peace. It is said that it could eliminate disasters and stay away from evil. Beijing people love and respect him very much.