Culture Event: Experience Chinese Seals

  • The Spirit of Chinese Culture

Date:      Apil 26 2019, Friday

Duration:  10:00 am -12:00 noon, 2 hours

Event:   Carving your own Chinese Seals

Location:  Suite 911, A.C. Embassy Hotel, No.26 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese Seals History
Seal is a comparatively independent traditional art form in our country. It was born out of the combination of painting techniques, calligraphy, carving and the art of arrangement in a limited space. The art dates back about 3,700 years to the Shang Dynasty. During Han Dynasty, only the imperial seal was called “xi”, and the others were often referred to as “Yin” or “Yinzhang”. That’s why seal are called “Yinzhang” in China.

At the beginning, seals were used to create protective marks on letters and large items being sent to the others. So , it was a representation of a person’s self-identity and status. Probably from the Song and Yuan dynasties, artists began to stamp their seals on their works. Nowadays, seals are still widely used, and the art of seal engraving has become more popular than ever before.  

There are four parts to a seal mainly, grip, platform, sides and face . Carvings may be done on the grip portion of the seal or may cover the entire seal. Common motifs are landscapes, figures, birds or flowers