Q1: Are you satisfied with your exchange life in China?

A2: I am very satisfied with my exchange life in China.

Q2: When you got any difficulties or problem, did anyone from China Educators assist you to solve them?

A2: I enjoyed how China Educators easily solved a few misunderstandings between me and host family.

Q3: How do you get along with the child( children ) in the host family?

A3: I enjoyed working with Jagger because he likes when I read books to him and because his familiy teaches him self develpoment.

Q4: What’s your main responsibility in the host family?

A4: My main responsibilities with Jagger was talking to him as mush as possible in English, helping him with his homework and spending time with him when needed.

Q5: Are you accustomed to the Chinese life ( food, climate, transport, etc ) ?

A5: I was accustomed very well to the transport, but I can’t say the same about food, climate, and air.

Q6: What’s your biggest problem at present?

A6: I hope and wish to finish my final year in my university from Moldova. It’s going to be a little hard for me, because I missed 1/2 year.

Q7: What’s your biggest reward so far?

A7: I think some of biggest accomplishments are new friends, Chinese language improved and wonderful experience in China.

Q8: Have you got difficulties in communicating with the family members? If so, how did you solve them?

A8: Sometimes we didn’t understand each other’s language but I used dictionaries to expressing ideas and thoughts.

Q9: When you felt homesick, what did you do?

A9: I didn’t feel homesick while I was in Beijing.

Q10: Experience to share with other exchange participants?

A10: I think one of the biggest challenges was the food. Maybe the next participants can find the kind of food they like and ask Ayi to cook for them. I did so, but quite late, the other challenge is the air pollution, but it is easier to overcome.