The traditional Chinese festival- Mid-Autumn Day is falling on 4th October. You may know that Chinese eat Moon cake on Mid-Autumn day, but here is another tradition and it is inviting one ‘ Beijing Lord Rabbit’ to home. It is a rabbit figure made of clay. Therefore, we invite all of you to go to one of the famous artist and teach every one make ‘Lord Rabbit’. By tradition, the load rabbit would bless you keep healthy.

The Lord Rabbit is now the Intangible Culture Heritage of Beijing. Today we came to a very traditonal and tiny craft shop ot the Lord Rabbits.

Everyone was fascinated about painting the Lord Rabbit. See how serious and focused they were!

After 2 hours of hard-working, we all had accomplished our master piece! Which one is the best do you think?

A group picture with our lovely teacher! We cannot wait to come back again!