Top 10 Chinese Internet Slang -2016—Top 2

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Top 10 Chinese Internet Slang -2016—Top 2

Top 2,洪(hóng)荒(huāng)之(zhī)力(lì) (Prehistorical powers)


National swimmer Fu Yuanhui not only won a bronze medal at the Rio Olympic Games, but also scored a win with viewers in China in a now-iconic TV interview.

When told she had qualified for the final, Fu pulled a comically exaggerated face and declared: “I have used all my prehistoric powers to swim!”

‘Prehistoric powers’, or “honghuangzhili”, was swiftly adopted as a term for an unstoppable force, while Fu became an internet darling.


This term is originally from a popular mythological TV series. Hong huang zhi li is a power which can destroy the world and change the land into sky.


例(lì)句(jù) Examples:




In order to let you pass the HSK exam, the teacher has used the prehistorical powers. (The teacher has made all her/his effort)



It can break the barriers by using the prehistorical powers.We must be together.

Love is as great as prehistorical powers.

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