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Top 10 Chinese Internet Slang -2016–Top 1

Top 1 厉害了,word… Amazing


In a students reunion party, student A pointed to a BMW car parking outside and said, that’s my car, I am a teacher. Classmate B pointed to a Benz car and said “that’s my car, I am a doctor.” Classmate C pointed to a Porsche car and said “amazing, I am a lawyer”.

The last one is me. I pointed to the Taxi and said “Amazing, I am a taxi driver”.


Taxi driver in Chinese is ‘的哥’(di ge ). Literally it means I am taxi driver. However, it can also separated as ‘我的’ ‘哥’ which literally means my brother. ‘我的’ is pronounced similar to English ‘word’.


Amazing (厉害了 lì hài le): Someone is doing something amazing.


Word Bro (我的哥 wǒde gē):sign with emotion when something happened surprisingly.




A:我要去美国旅游。(A: Wǒ yào qù Měiguó lǚyóu)

Student A: I am going to travel to America.

B:厉害了,word哥。(Tóngxué B: Lìhàile, Wǒde gē) )

Student B: amazing, my bro.



(A: Wǒmen yìqǐ xué Déyǔ ba!

A: Let’s study German together! I want to lean the fourth foreign language.

B:厉害了,word哥。(B: Lìhàile, Wǒde gē) )

B: Amazing, my bro.

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